1) Infectious diseases 

2) Diseases in acute stage 

3) Circulatory failure, serious arrhythmias, uncompensated hypertension

 4) Conditions after thrombosis (thrombophlebitis) within 3 months 

5) Bleeding conditions 

6) Cachexia 

7) Malignant tumors in the active stage of the disease (during treatment) 

8) Uncompensated epilepsy 

9) Psychoses and mental disorders 

10) Addiction to alcohol and addictive substances 

11) Urinary and stool incontinence 

12) Pregnancy

Benefits just for you
With great pleasure we offer our guests a whole variety of benefits:
With great pleasure we offer our guests a whole variety of benefits::
  • Comfortable accommodation just 10-15 minute walk away from city centre
  • Relaxation in our Wellness & Spa, free for all of our dear guests
  • Medical supervision
  • A wide range of treatments and procedures directly within hotel premises
  • Exceptional cuisine served in our Hotel Restaurant
  • Special diet option upon prior arrangement
  • Wi-Fi Internet access available free of charge within the hotel premises
  • Parking at our guarded parking lot for 10EUR/night
  • Accommodation with your pet for an extra charge
  • The possibility of dog walking right behind the hotel building in beautiful nature
  • An individual approach to every guest, ensured by smaller capacity of our hotel
  • Polite and helpful staff
HOTEL SPA SMETANA - VYŠEHRAD v Karlových Varech hodnocení